Our Listing Approach
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The days of putting a sign on your property, running a few news­paper ads and hoping for the best are gone.  Now, because of the complexi­ties of marketing and negotiating, over 95% of commercial real estate property is being marketed by either exclusive real estate brokers or professional real estate management/ownership. With hundreds of thou­sands (perhaps millions) of dollars at stake, the rewards for hiring a competent, dedicated and enthusiastic real estate professional cannot be overestimated.

Our Listing Approach focuses on the Following 14 Key Services:

1. A written marketing plan precisely outlining the services we will provide.  This includes how will the property’s strengths will be emphasized, how often advertising and direct mail will be utilized, how will technology (i.e., website, broadcast email, PDF brochures) be incorporated and how the brokerage community will be engaged? 

2. Video marketing. A professional video will set your property apart from the competition. This marketing tool presents an accurate depiction to prospects before they even set foot on the property.  To see a sample video click here.   

3. A comprehensive investment package
including a descriptive summary of the property, professional photos, aerial photos, maps, an in-depth income and expense report, charts and graphs, and 10- or 20-year projections. Every prospect must receive a comprehensive investment package. To see a sample package please click here. 

4. An exclusive website specific to the property, which represents investment details, marketing information, full-color pictures, and charts. This website is a complete web-based version of the comprehensive investment package and is easy to navigate. To see a sample property website please click here. 

5. Online marketing, one of the most effective ways of reaching prospects. Prospects worldwide should have 24/7 visibility of your property. Your property will be showcased on local, national, and international websites.  An E-mail blast will be sent out weekly to the brokerage community, listservs specializing in commercial property as well as thousands of prospects from our databases.     

6. A specific telemarketing campaign to reach the most likely candidates for your property. A minimum of 100 phone calls with will be made within the first week of marketing your property.  Phone calls are on goning as new prospects are identified and previous calls are followed up.

7. A consistent direct mail program to reach the most likely candidates for your property.  A minimum of 400 brochures will be mailed out within the first week of marketing your property.  An update newsletter will be sent electronicaly bi-weekly with a photograph and description of your property with links to important property information.  We only use full-color brochures, postcards, and other high quality collateral materials. 

8. Costs absorbed by the agent include printing, advertising, canvassing, Internet, signage, and other marketing efforts.  Feel free to ask for a copy of our budget and compare the investment we make in your property to our competitors.

9. Education.
Not all real estate brokers dedicate themselves to the extensive training necessary to be an expert in their practice. Being a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designee, we are recognized as experts in the discipline of commercial and investment real estate. A CCIM is an invaluable resource to the commercial real estate owner, investor, and user.  Insist on hiring a real estate professional with the necessary training and credentials.

10. Free appraisal, building inspection, and architect plans.
Before marketing your property, it is suggested that you first obtain an independent appraisal, get a professional building inspection, and have an architect draft as-built plans. Have the satisfaction of knowing a) the true value of your property, b) that you have saved valuable time making sure there are no surprise issues, and c) that as-built plans are a valuable sales and leasing tool.  Does your broker offer these services at no cost to you? 

11. Regular reports. Thorough marketing reports will be prepared and delivered weekly, which will include a detailed summary of all prospective and brokerage inquiries, property showings, and feedback.

12. Involvement of a senior broker or partner. When selected as your Exclusive Agent, you can be confident that the individuals who make the presentation will be the only individuals who will work the project.  This assures you that you are getting quality and accountability in return for your trust. Demand the highest executive level of involvement in the project on a day-to-day basis—not just for the initial presentation.

13. References.  We will provide you with a list of our current and past clients. Talk to them!

14. The right to cancel the contract for nonperformance. If promises are broken, you must be able to change brokers.  

Anything less than the above, will put your property at a competitive disadvantage.