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Why Coppola Properties? 

Coppola Properties seeks to provide you with the most effective and professional commercial real estate services available.  The benefits of hiring Coppola Properties as your Exclusive Broker and the features, which put us above the competition, are summarized as follows:


A Consultant with Experience and Enthusiasm
Coppola Properties specializes in the sale and lease of commercial investment real estate within Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.  The marketing department is solely responsible for running daily searches within our targeted area to identify available properties for sale or lease.  Additionally, we prepare regular direct mailings to all property owners of buildings that have the desired specifications within our targeted area to determine if they will be having upcoming vacancies or are interested in selling their property.  Coppola Properties has the experience and enthusiasm make the volume of prospect calls necessary to quickly sell or lease the subject property.


Marketing Presence
Coppola Properties has a highly credible marketing presence in both completed transactions and active projects in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.


Product Knowledge
Coppola Properties always develops a thorough understanding of the benefits and features of the subject property and its position in the marketplace; we know how to best communicate those benefits and features to you, and we have extensive experience in conducting sale and lease comparison analysis and formulating aggressive strategies.


Goal Orientated/Management by Objectives

Coppola Properties is goal oriented and achieves its goals by applying the theory of “Management by Objectives.”  The marketing team's goal is to quickly sell or lease your property to qualified Buyers or Tenants at the best price and terms possible.  To achieve this goal, Coppola Properties will work hard to identify its marketing target and define a plan of action to best expose the property to that target.  Coppola Properties implements this plan of action immediately!


National/International Marketing Capability
Coppola Properties has successfully represented property owners and users throughout New England through its active participation and membership in the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CCIM) and the National Association of Realtors.  Among brokerage and corporate circles, Coppola Properties is known as a strong landlord and tenant representative with the ability to get the job done.

Experienced Personnel, Not Trainees
When selected as your Exclusive Broker, you can be confident that the individual(s) who make the presentation will be the only individual(s) who will work on your project.  This assures that you're getting quality representation and accountability in return for your trust.

Marketing Strategy
A detailed marketing program will be designed which incorporates a specific plan of action.  With your approval, it will be immediately implemented, utilizing all of the proprietary methods already in place plus all the successful tools used in previous marketing efforts.


Highest Quality Marketing and Most Accurate Information
Coppola Properties will provide the highest quality marketing materials and the most accurate information.  We strive to clearly and persuasively communicate the benefits and features of your property, and make it as easy as possible for prospects and brokers to analyze your property, all concluding in a successful transaction.  From conventional signs to brochures, to the more innovative email blasts and video tours, all marketing tools will be to the highest standards in the industry.


Existing Relationships
Coppola Properties has excellent relationships with many investment and development companies as we have completed sale and lease transactions with a good number of them.


A Reputation as a Cooperative Broker
Coppola Properties has an excellent working relationship with the brokerage community, locally and regionally.  We provide and stress immediate and courteous responses to all inquiries from brokers.


Quality, not just Quantity
Coppola Properties prides itself in being a recognized leader in an extremely competitive marketplace.  Our repeat business with clients has ensured the long-term success and presence of our firm.  Our goal is to succeed in selling or leasing a project to develop the long-standing relationships so vital to our business.


Coppola Properties is committed to the successful sale or leasing of all projects we have the privilege to work on.  We are not in the business of collecting listings for display purposes.  An effective and timely marketing effort will be implemented immediately to ensure a successful transaction.


Thorough marketing reports will be prepared and delivered weekly, which will include a detailed summary of all prospective and brokerage inquiries, property showings, and feedback.


Personal Services
Coppola Properties excels in providing personal service including all of the marketing functions, professional preparation of brochures and proposals,
negotiating skills, and individual delivery of all documents necessary.  It is our intention that you rely on Coppola Properties to perform all of the necessary functions to obtain the maximum value so that you may concentrate your efforts on running the most important aspects of your business.